Sunday, June 2, 2013

Today's the day!

Well, it's finally here. I fly out this afternoon. There are many mixed emotions. Of course, I am very excited, but there is also a nervousness. There are so many questions and things I wonder or worry about. But...that is me. Sometimes I think that is how I get so much accomplished in my life-the worrying, the attention to detail, the focus and determination. But...sometimes it drives me crazy also. Here are some of the many worries going through my head:

What will the long flights be like? Will they be on time?
Will the luggage make it through on time?
Did I bring enough stuff with me, or did I forget something important?
How will it feel to be in the minority as a muzungu?
How well will I deal with touts/street people?
Will my safari company come through with a quality trip?
Will I get picked up at the airport?
Will I find a good place for my donations to actually do some good and help others?
Will I have a good guide?
Will I have a good safari vehicle?
Will my special food needs be accommodated?
Can I handle the dust/being dirty?
Will the weather be good?
Can I handle the bad roads/African massage?
Will I understand any Swahili and will my Swahili be understood?
Will my wife be right to fear for my safety from the wild animals?
Will my daughter's fear of hippos come into play?
Can I make a difference in anyone's lives?

I am sure that most of the worries will not come into play at all, and I will have a wonderful, memorable trip. I am taking good advice to not have any special expectations. I just want to see some amazing wildlife and meet some fascinating people, remembering the phrase "hakuna matata".

Well...I'm off on my amazing adventure!

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